THINKDOORS  only supplies quailty branded products to maintain the performance our customers demands. At you FREE makeover appointment we discuss if it right for you to change at all. We are able to offer single, 1.5 bowls, double bowls in various materials such as stainless steel,ceramic, undermounted and composite. We can supply most brand with our main supplier being Blanco from Germany - we have a direct account with the supplier.
all products made in Germany ensuring the quality is maintentain on every product produced.

Blanco of Germany


Blanco offers over 250 different types of sinks,from classical to contemporary. Blanco only uses premium quality stainless steel and use unique coloured sink material with Silgranit PuraDura II. They also offer a ceramic range to suit all customer requirements . What sink would you like - search with this link from Blanco 

Silgranit Single Sink

The material is heat resistant up to 536℉ and it’s 80% solid granite. The bowl is very large with the dimensions: 30.5 inches by 16.5 inches and a depth of 9.5 inches, you can put in a lot of dishes in it at one time. The bowl is designed with grooves that’ll direct water and other particles straight into the drain with no problems.